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Our College Students Won the Gold Award in the Third “ Internet + ” College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Guizhou

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On July 30th, the “CCB Cup” the Third “ Internet + ” College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Guizhou was held in Guizhou University. The project designed by Zhong Fubiao, Pan Xiaomin, He Chenggang, Wei Shilin, He Chengyong and Zhao Lin, won the gold award. Ou Xiangyang, the guide teacher, won the excellent teacher award. Our college won the outstanding organization award. There are 41 colleges, 2925 projects and 12613 students involved in this competition, but only 12 projects from 9 colleges were elected into the final competition.

This competition shows not only the innovation and self-challenge spirit of our college students, but also the achievement of what our college has done in industry-education integration. We will continue strengthening students’ entrepreneurship and talent cultivation, deepening the teaching reform of innovation and entrepreneurship to boost employment.