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School of Fiance and Economics
Phone 0855-8505238
Address Kaili,Guizhou,China
ZipCode 556000
Email qdnpt@163.com
WebUrl http://
Leadership and division of labor

Director: Long Zhanglie

Vice Director: Yang Qun, Wang Yuanxiang

Departments Introduction

School of finance and economics was established in 2001, currently it consists accounting major, computerized accounting major, computerized accounting major and financial management major, which includes the three-year college educations and the secondary vocational education. Accounting profession is the key disciplines in school level. The Financial Accounting, Basic Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis these three courses were assessed as the provincial "excellent course" in 2008, 2009, 2010 by the provincial education department. There are nearly 1,100 Students in the department. Department of Finance and economics has a reasonable structure, comprehensive high-quality teacher team. There are  37 full-time teachers and teaching management personnel people, of which 3 professors, 7 associate professors, 20 lecturers, 7 graduate students, 1 certified public accountant, 4 accountants , 1 lawyer, and  of which 85 % are "double-professionally-titled" teachers. There are fourteen accounting profession training rooms, they are  accounting simulation laboratory, accounting manual simulation training room, computerized accounting training room, training room simulation jobs, marketing training supermarkets, meeting existing specialized laboratories training requirements. In teaching, outstanding professional features, focus on students' practical ability to take on the work process of the "Double Certificates" training mode.

Professional presentation

School of finance and economics