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Administrative Organizations

Office of Student Affairs
Phone 0855-3930373
Address Kaili,Guizhou,China
ZipCode 556000
Email zyxsc2100321@163.com
WebUrl http://
Leadership and division of labor

Director: Qu Weibiao

Vice Director: Yao Li, Yang Hongsong

Departments Introduction

Office of Student Affairs is an administrative function section office under the leadership of the Party Committee of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic, which works for students and assists students. The Office is responsible for the ideological and political education, management of behavior norms and providing opportunities for students’ personal development and growth. It takes charge of students’ file, scholarship, education, management, financial assistance and accommodation. What’s more, it is responsible for student union, organizing and arranging students’ events, managing counselors and class sponsors,etc.The Department of Student Affairs endeavors to enhance a student’s education, enrich students’ academic, social and cultural life and assist them in meeting the challenges and demands of their life.

Professional presentation

Office of Student Affairs