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Brief Introduction of the Department of Architectural Engineering

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Department of Architectural Engineering was established in 2013, it consists advertising and decoration and design, construction engineering, project cost, water conservancy, the four junior educations and hydropower project management and art design and production ,the two  secondary profession. Architectural engineering technology professiom was founded in 2009, and  enrolled new students in the same year. It was designated as key construction professional of our college in 2011. There are  more than 200 full-time students and 14 full-time teachers, 4 associate professors, 1 lecturer, 9 assistants, 2 second-level constructors, 4 “double-professionally-titled” teachers. 10 part-time teachers, including 3 senior engineers, 7 engineers,1 construction engineer. Formed more reasonable, unity teaching team.

Department of Architectural Engineering achieved fruitful results at the college curriculum reform period. From the traditional lecture teaching into action-oriented teaching-teaching mode, completing more than 10 subjects professional backbone courses developed curriculum standards, and achieved good teaching results. In 2012, the "construction organization and management" course assessment program won the  first prize in college competitions, "the main structure of concrete construction" success declaration college level courses in the same year.

Our department now has embodied the teaching practice of occupational training platform. Outside the campus, we launched a major practice teaching projects with the Southeast states Construction Corporation, ZhongYu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and other 5 companies, including earthworks, foundation engineering, the main project, decoration engineering, masonry engineering, surveying engineering works practice, cognition training. We built two training rooms, of which construction software integrated training room, to meet two professional CAD, Tenzheng construction, 3dsMax, coreldraw, data management, Brownsville Glodon count the amount and count the amount of software, graphic design, etc. teaching and practical work requirements. Architectural engineering surveying training room, with more advanced equipment, to complete the construction of each construction phase measurements, setting-out Training Project.

Our department based on the needs of society ,to orient to the training objectives of construction workers, estimators, quality inspectors, safety inspectors, materialmen in production construction technology and management positions, focusing on employer needs, enhance students' practical skills training, regularly organize students to participate in the skills competition. On May 2011, won the third prize in Brownsville Cup Finals National BIM Award, the second prize of Guizhou Glodon amount competition. On May 2012, won the third prize of secondary-Level in Guizhou Province ,the third prize of digital mapping in Guizhou Province On May, 2013, won the first prize in provincial "Brownsville Cup" , the third prize in digital mapping. Since founded, it has delivered more than 180 qualified graduates to the society. The rate of student of "double certificates" graduation is 99%, one-time employment rate is above 99%, they mainly worked as archivists, estimators, surveyors, etc for the small and medium enterprises engaged in province's major construction after graduation. some graduates have become the technical backbone of the professional positions