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The wedding customs and cultural differences

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First of all, is above the traditional marriage ceremony. Marriage is a traditional Chinese "three six at the book" the "three worship 9 call" These things vulgar courtesy. The so-called "three books" means letter of appointment, at the book, Yingqin book. (Letter of appointment: the pro-book, both men and women formally enter into marriage. Naji (a Wending) use. Ceremony book: a book of the ceremony, the list of gifts, gift sets out in detail the type and quantity. Satisfied that the levy (a gift) Use. Yingqin book: a book to marry the bride. Wedding day (pro-Ying) to the bride Guo Men used.) "Six Man" is satisfied that the mining and asked the name Naji, satisfied that the levy, period, the pro-Ying. (Satisfied that the mining: the first wedding in ancient times, when an Italian woman, Yanqing matchmaker for seeking, is satisfied that the mining, this "pro-mentioned." Q: husband of the woman's name and Tanwen birthday chrono, Buji Katherine, who asked that the , Said today "a character." Najib: augur well if they are asked who, severance matchmaker Zhizengbaoli that of Najib, said today "a Wending" or "small set." Satisfied that the levy: freebee gifts, cake ceremony, Gifts and offerings, namely a formal send dowry, is satisfied that the levy, said this "a gift." Please period: from fortune tellers Optional Nanjia please, that the request period, also known as "begging," and this "optional, . "Pro-Ying: by the groom at the car, home to the woman to meet the bride, that the pro-Ying.) Between more in this G-spectrum, the Wending, a gift, the bed and a series of activities. In these activities have a lot of taboos and customs, such as the dowry the bride in a pair of scissors (Butterfly Shuangfei), the spittoon (descendants of barrels), feet (Leung Tin 10,000 ares), the film Sugar (Sweet Sweet Honey), the wallet belt (wealthy ), Vases (flowers wealth), Tongpen and shoes (with the Chung-kai to old age), was Longfeng, bed sheets and pillowcasesright, with two pairs of chopsticks and Hongshengkunzhao bowl (with food and clothing), 72 sets of clothes , With cypress, lotus seeds, longan and Lee is accompanied (have ample food and clothing), and so on, every item has its different meanings. At the same time, in a wedding when a certain order, according to the general situation in the whole process of marriage: a place for ancestral worship (in the men go out to marry the bride before the first ancestor worship), starting (Yingqin to double the number the team better. )