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The Major of Clinical Medicine

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Brif Information

Major Code:630101

Education and Academic Level: Ordinary Higher Vocational Education

Length of Schooling: 3 years( 2 years in school,1 year for internship)

Professional’s Training Goal: ?The major aims to cultivate high-level and well-trained clinical professionals with solid fundamental knowledge and? professional skills who can meet the requirements of the development of social medical and health services. After graduation, they are supposed to be able to work in primary-level medical treatment and public health organizations to take the work of medical treatment, disease prevention, health care, health education, and family planning with high sense of humane spirit, scientific accomplishment, innovation capacity and even the ability to be self-employed.

Talents Cultivating Standard

On Professional Knowledge: To know well about the fundamental theory and basic skills of preclinical medicine and clinical medicine; To understand the pathogeny, clinical features, diagnosis, prevention and cure of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases; To master the basic medical knowledge and rational medication principles; To master the basic knowledge of pregnancy and delivery, and the basic principles of emergency treatment of obstetrical department; To grasp the medicine knowledge of family planning and general family medicine; To know about basic knowledge about traditional Chinese medical science(ethnic medicine) and its basic treatment principles; To master the basic knowledge of the occurring, development and spread of infectious diseases and the prevention and cure.?

On Professional Skills: Be able to collect medical history and write medical record in a comprehensive, systematical and proper way; Be able to carry out physical examination systematically and properly; Be able to diagnose? and treat common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, paediatrics etc; Be able to give first aid treatment to common emergency;? Be able to master the norms of clinical operation; Be able to carry out health education such as healthy life style and disease prevention education to the public;

Be able to supply community health services.

Core Curriculum: Human Anatomy and Histoembryology, Physiology, Pathology, Pathogenic Microorganism and Immunology, Pharmacology, Preventive Medicine, Common Physiotherapy, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics and Child Health, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Maternal and Children Health Care, Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Treatment, Operative Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Imaging Technology, Common Nursing Techniques, Emergency Medical Treatment, An Introduction to General Medicine.

Experimental Training Establishment: The major of clinical medicine is the key major of the college, and there is one provincial level excellent course and 3 college level excellent courses in the Department of Clinical Medicine. We also have 2 affiliated hospitals and advanced experimental training centers of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, paediatrics and traditional Chinese medicine in the college and 27 training bases outside the college which fully satisfy the requirements of talents cultivation.