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Party and Government Administration

Party and Government Administration



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The party and government offices

Party and Government Office is the working body of college party and general administrative affairs, mainly responsible for party affairs, comprehensive coordination, secretarial information, propaganda, foreign affairs, etc. Specific duties are:

(A) To handle superior documents, calls and letters; drafting and reviewing committees which need to be issued by party secretary and president. Be secretive, conscientiously make good job for documents and files.

(B) To record and write meeting minutes in party committee and the Presidents' meeting; to arrange various meetings, learning and activities convened by the party and president.

(C) To draft college construction and development planning, work points of party committees and administrative, annual work plans, work summary, experience materials, secretary and president's speech, reports and other relevant documents.

(D) To supervise, inspect and assess if all offices and departments have implemented the party committee and administrative resolutions, supervise and inspect the implementation of approved issues, coordinate working links among various departments.

(E) Take charge of arranging official reception and public liaison work.

(F) Undertake college-wide ideological and political education and advocacy work.

(G) Take charge of the daily work of promoting cultural and ideological progress.

(H) Undertake promotion and organization of important festivals and major events.

(I) To handle college’s letters and visits.

(J) To direct the work of comprehensive archives.

(K) To compile and print College "Work newsletter".

(L) Handle the foreign affairs.

(M) Undertake the integrated statistics.

(N) To accomplish other work assigned by leaders of the party committee and college.



Organization and Personnnel Department


The Organization and Personnel Division is the functional department of organization and personnel work charged by college party committee .It is mainly responsible for the organization, personnel, labor and capital ,retired cadres management and so on. The specific responsibilities are as follows:

 (1),Do a good job of the construction of middle-level team under the leadership of the party committee, inspecting and knowing about the cadres’thought, work and study. In charge of the cadres’ education, management, employment, allocation and check. Completing the reform of the cadres and personnel system, making young and middle-aged cadres’s selection and training plan.

 (2),Be responsible for the construction of grass-roots party organizations,  make great efforts to the cultivation , education, training and inspection of the activists to join the party, Do a good job of developing new party members as planned.

(3),Be responsible for the daily work of amateur Party school.

 (4),Be responsible for the education and management of the party members, carrying out the democratic appraisal of Party members and selection activities of excellent Party members,  excellent Party workers and advanced party branch , do a good job of the disposal of unqualified members.Responsible for the inner-party statistical reports  .

 (5), Formulate overall plan and implementation plan of all kinds of

personnel quota,determine posts, authorized strength, check and carry out the

plan-making of the implementation according to the authorized strength plan of the

ordinary university

 (6),Be responsible for the construction and evaluation and employment of professional and technical personnel team and professional technical position , be responsible for the daily work of college professional title reform office,and complete the selection of professional and technical personnel selection and grade check of technical workers.

 (7),Be responsible for construction of teaching staff. Making construction planning of teaching staff and implementation measures and organize the implementation, further study and training, hold all kinds of teachers training and complete management work according to the need, accomplish the confirmation work of teacher certification  

 (8),To make the annual demand plan for teachers and plan for employment according to the authorized strength and requirements. Responsible for the allocated audit of staff on the campus and outside school and deal with concerned formalities.Responsible for the introduction of talents, employment, responsible for resettlement work of new college and technical secondary school graduates

 (9),To organize and implement the whole staff’s wage determination,

adjustment,promotion according to the wage policy provisions of nation, province and the higher related departments. Responsible for staff ‘s conversion, rank and determine distribution standards and audit of all kinds of allowances, subsidies and bonuses ,to do a good job of the reform of personnel distribution system.

 (10),Be responsible for the staff’s inspection and assessment 

 (11),Be responsible for the related formalities of social insurance,the staff

retirement,inductrial injury, death and pension and so on

 (12),Supervise and check work attendance of all departments (units), handle relevant formalities of home leave and asking for leave and terminating his/her leave , reimbursement of all kinds of holidays. 

 (13),Be responsible for statistics, edit and report , and staff files management of all kinds of personnel .

 (14),Be responsible for completing the management of retirees.

 (15),To Complete other work assigned by the college leaders and the Party committee.


Office of Teaching Affairs

1、Consicientiously implement the CPC's educational policy and national educational legislation, follow the law of teaching in higher vocational education, overall responsibility for the academic work, Teaching management, Audio-visual teaching, Scientific research, Library management, Student management.

2、Draw up a plan of Specialty construction and Course construction ,organize evaluation , declaration for new specialty .

3、Responsible for checking, summarize specialty teaching plan, Course syllabus, organize and develop teaching and research management systems.

4、Responsible for teaching quality supervision and inspection, Macro-control, Teaching evaluation and reward work.

5、Responsible for issuing teaching tasks, prepara the "three tables", exame the implementation of the teaching task , organize the teaching work of self-study examination's .

6、Proof the construction plan of laboratory and training base , guide the construction of them.

7、Responsible for the organization of higher education research, guide teachers to teach and do research activities.

8、Collecting and publishing of scientific and technical information, organizational project, reporting, identification of research projects, external communication, promotion and so on.

9、Responsible for drafting education development planning, organizing educational theory, educational materials and methods of research; Responsible for teaching equipment construction, use, maintenance, management and a wide range of broad deployment of the classroom.

10、Responsible for the drafting of the construction and development of library planning, establishing and perfecting the guarantee system, integrated and coordinated all the literature information work.

11、To validate a textbook selection plans, organizing subscription and distribution of materials.

12、Responsible for the examination Institute of organization and the final examination of the course of the Organization's work.

13、Organize new student admisssion, arrangemen the class ,summarize and check the results of the studies, handling, issuing diplomas.

14、Responsible for external classroom teachers appointed and accreditation, management and teachers ' professional files.

15、Co-ordinate the organization and personnel Department for the planning, construction and evaluation work about teachers.

16、Accomplish other work assigned by the Polytechnic.



Office of Student Affair

Under the leadership of the party committees and administration of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic, Office of Student Affairs is responsible for students' ideological and political work and management.  The responsibilities are as follows:

(A) Adhere to the socialist orientation, conscientiously implement the Party's education policy, strictly carry out the national education regulations, combined with the characteristics of vocational education, to promote quality education to help students correcting attitude towards learning, establishing a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, and foster students to be highly qualified and skilled useful talents.

(B)  To make plans for students' ideological and political education and quality education, and organize the implementation. Encourage students to develop good conduct, develop good school spirit, class atmosphere and style of study.

(C) To formulate and continuously complete a sound student management system, and organize the implementation. Pay attention to the dynamic analysis of students' ideological trend, and promptly correct the bad habits of the students, put forward opinions on discipline violations; to supervise and inspect each department’s students' daily management, disciplinary processing, comprehensive quality assessment, evaluation on counselors and other work.

(D) To work out the regulations of counselors, and organize the implementation. To verify the qualifications of counselors, regularly organize counselors’ communicating meeting, train and manage counselors to establish an outstanding workforce.

(E) To organize assessment and auditing of student aid scholarships, three-good students, outstanding student leaders, advanced class, outstanding teachers, etc.; work on Polytechnic's national student loans, most needy subsidies and student insurance claims business.

(F) Undertake the Polytechnic student-associated work of outside school; take charge of building and management of student cadre, and provide guidance for the work of Student Union and student societies.

(G) take charge of the organization and coordination of large-scale students’ activities, organize the second classroom activities, social activities, students work-study and community service activities, step up efforts to promote campus culture.

(H) With assistance of student affairs branches of each department, organize and inspect the work of classes daily routine appraisal, counselors work data collection and auditing, counselor meetings and business learning.

(I) Examine and report counselor allowance; handle non-resident students' application; organize the work of students’ information recording and reporting, excellent vocational students’ further education recommendation; undertake the work of purchasing and issuing students’ rail card

(J) Undertake the management of student files, the gathering of students’ information and issue student card.

(K) in conjunction with the relevant departments and offices to prepare and receive freshmen, handle the student's suspension, reentry, drop-out, and transfer.

(L) Actively cooperate with relevant departments.

(M) Complete the work assigned by the leadership.



Office of General Services


Office of general services is provide logistics support for teaching, scientific research and life of the administrative department. Specific duties are:

1.Be responsible for the management, supervise, coordinate various logistics services .

2.Be responsible for college assets, real estate and hydropower facilities maintenance and management .

3.Be responsible for the management of the campus planning, campus environment and greening, health and epidemic prevention work, responsible for the management diet of teachers and students.

4.Be responsible for school of office supplies, furniture planning, procurement and supply work .

5.Be responsible for house property, office furniture inventory statistics

6.To participate in the supervision and management of infrastructure projects. Responsible for infrastructure maintenance, budget, engineering quality supervision management and acceptance of work .

7. Accomplish other work assigned by the leadership of the college .



Propaganda and United Front Work Department


Be in charge of the overall work of Propaganda and United Front Work Department, and Party Committee Office, the daily work of Party Committee Office, be put in charge of arming thoughts with theories, ideological and political education, study group service of the Party Committee Center, teaching of situation and policy, the united front work, law promotion and education, and message center. Take charge of the projects, draft plan and implement of Propaganda and United Front Work Department, Office of the party construction, and the education of Party Committee Center, the united front work, law promotion and education, and construction of campus culture. Be placed in charge of propaganda, the united front work and the drafts of party construction’s important document reports. Pay special attention to the construction of organizations at the grassroots level, the party cadres’ team construction, the construction of study party organization, educational administration of party members, drafts and collections of the ideological and political evaluation materials. Complete the work between the party and leadership in our college.

Assist the minister and be put in charge of the daily work of Propaganda and United Front Work Department, campus network management, drafting news, news censorship, publishing campus network, propaganda team construction, website management, political theories research, construction of campus culture, construction of spiritual civilization, section of office of the party construction, contacting news media. Be responsible for Propaganda and United Front Work Department, the drafts of some party construction’s important document reports, collections of some ideological and political evaluation materials,  the propaganda plans, photography and vedio recording for important events, and completing other tasks assigned by leaders.

Assist the department leader and make great efforts to the processing of the office documents and telegrams, conferences, clerical operations and collections of the ideological and political evaluation materials. Be responsible for file transfer, registration and management, documentary archives, supervise and annual report within the party.




Enrolment and Vocation Guidance Office


To be mainly responsible for the completion of college enrollment plan, to implement  the propaganda work of enrollment and employment ,to provide the professional and employment guidance for graduates. Office specific duties are:

I. To be responsible for the summary of various professional enrollment plans ,to  prepare  the enrollment plan of college.

II. To be responsible for the propaganda work of enrollment, to improve social investigation , to master the talent demand information and provide reliable basis for adjustment of specialiced subject.

III. To organize students actively, to do admission work of students well.

IV.To cooperate with related departments and complete the freshmen enrolled registration work..

V. To be responsible for establishing the information database and website of enrollment and employment advisory, to analyze the recruitment of student employment information in a timely manner, to improve the work with forward opinions and suggestions

VI. To communicate with the talent exchange centers and employing units actively, to provide vocational guidance and employment information services for graduates.

VII. To complete other work assigned by the leadership.


Plan and Finance Office


Finance Department is responsible for budget, expenditure and daily financial management, state-owned assets management and supervision, it is an administrative department to audit ,evaluate and supervise for the college finance, infrastructure and economic entities, the specific responsibilities are as follows:

(1),Responsible for putting forward the budget and final accounts plans of college expenditure .In charge of college construction and development of raising funds.

(2),Organizing the daily accounting and supervision of college expenditure according to the requirements of accounting system.

(3),Responsible for making financial regulations, managing the whole college  undertaking charges , credit and debt ,and other charges,

(4),Responsible for job training of accounting auditors , sorting out and turning over financial files, financial analysis and School-running benefit analysis on a regular basis, actively carry out the activities of increasing revenue and  reducing expenditure , increasing income and reducing expenditure.

(5),Responsible for making and carrying out the management methods of college state-owned assets; responsible for the management of college state-owned assets,complete inventory, registration, statistics and supervision and inspection, supervise and audit the management and use efficiency of thestate-owned assets.

(6),Responsible for asset allocation, transfer, technical appraisal and approval procedures of reported loss and scrap.

(7),Cooperating  with related departments ,responsible for making funds plan for college teaching, scientific research equipment, instruments, tools, materials and so on; responsible for auditing and managing  economic contract.

(8),Participate in overall planning of college capital construction, managing and using construction funds, infrastructure projects as well as various materials, project approval ,bidding, design, budget, quality supervision, acceptance check ,handover and so on.

(9),Responsible for supervision of infrastructure, building renovation project,a large amount of materials purchasing, bidding of  important items of business ,and audit budget and final accounts of items

(10),Responsible for mastering situation of college affiliated to economic responsibility and  leaving office audited.

(11),Responsible for external auditors to audit about college finance and infrastructure projects.

(12),Responsible for making internal audit regulations, audit plan, audit report and the writing of suggestion , responsible for auditing data archiving and saving  your work.

(13),Complete other related work assigned by the college.


Security Department


Security section (armed forces) is responsible for securing the college major departments, it was brought under the guide of in college and work under the guidance of the public security organ .Its main role is to:

1.According to the requirement of the college leadership, combined with the actual situation of school, work out a plan for the security work and measures, and organize their implementation.

2.In charge of the whole school of public security work, responsible for the formulation and implementation of the safety system. Uphold order of security of the whole campus and public places.

3.Be responsible for public security cases within the college of query processing, assist public authorities and the state security organs to detect major cases.

4.Be responsible for the daily work of college comprehensive governance and supervision department important safety precautions, completes the confidential and communication management.

5.Be responsible for the major activities of the security work, ensure the safety of the guests and governor .

6.Carry out security work, the thorough investigation and research, extensive dynamic and unsafe information collection, analysis, report to the college and the superior public security organ.

7.Be responsible for college education of legal system, anti-drug publicity and education

8.Be responsible for the whole fire control work, to carry out the fire protection publicity and education, discovery and eliminate hidden dangers in time. When the accident happened, shall be responsible for rescue, protect the scene, and to assist the fire department to do a good job of inspection and fire accident investigation and handling; Make school internal


Discipline inspection office

1,Be responsible for setting up and implementing the work plan of the college party’s discipline inspection and supervision department.

2  Be responsible for the college discipline inspection and supervision’s work conference and the organization, arrangement, drafting documents, inspection and supervision of the important activities.

3  Be responsible for the party organizations and members at all levels to implement the line, principles, policies and decisions of the party and observe the party constitution and other regulations.

4  Assist the Party committee in constructing the Party conduct and combating corruption while building a clean and honest government .

5  Be responsible for formulating relevant provisions of the construction as well as supervising the implementation.

6 Be responsible for the education of party style and party discipline to the party members and cadres.

7  Be responsible for the complaint reporting, admissibility and reception of offence reporting letters and visits about party organizations and party members in violation of discipline as well as the appeal from the members regarding the disciplinary punishment unjustified.

8 Undertake the work regarding verification and hearing of the disciplinary cases

9  Perform duties in correspondence with ‘The Inner Party Supervision Regulations’ and be responsible for developing the rules and regulations of college discipline inspection.

10  Be responsible for the information work of the discipline inspection and supervision, the seal management work of the college discipline as well as the work of the document file management of the discipline inspection commission.

11  Cooperate relevant departments to the supervision and inspection about college construction, large—scale repair, commodity purchasing inquiry, bidding , quality inspection and other matters.

12  Assist the college party committee to coordinate and handle the college work well.

13  Assist the college party committee and party organizations at all levels to organize the special meeting about democratic life every year.

14  Be responsible for the supervision and inspection of the implementation of ‘The Honest and Clean Government Regulations’ and the supervision of project bidding and project acceptance for new campus construction

15  Assist organizational and personnel department with cadres’  inspection and assessment .

16  Supervise and inspect the work of the implementation of college system.

17  Accomplish other tasks assigned by party committee , discipline inspection commission and higher party organizations.


General Party Branch of College Organ


On the frontline of teaching, research and other work, Party branch of department is the foundation for the party committee to play a central role in leading, is the important organizational guarantee to promote the reform and development of college and to complete the various tasks. According to the party constitution and the "Work Regulations of primary Party organization in colleges," the General Party Branch of College Organ should act as the political nucleus. Its main duties are:

(A) to promote and implement the Party's line, principles, policies, promote and implement resolution from Party Central Committee, the parent organization and college organization.

(B) to organize Party members to conscientiously study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Party's line, principles, policies and resolutions, to learn knowledge of science, culture and business.

(C) to urge party members to fulfill their obligations and protect their rights from infringement.

(D) Focus on College Organ workers’ ideological and political status, promote organ’s socialist spiritual civilization; learn, reflect workers’ views and demands.

(E) Supervise implementation of party and country guidelines, policies and decisions of College.

(F) to strengthen the development of party ideology, organization, work style, to build a clean government, and provide specific guidance to branch's work.

(G) to head departments of trade union, the Communist Youth League and women's federations.



Protecting Office


These Rules are specially formulated to improve the work quality and efficiency, to ensure the unity of college policy and orders and to make the college decision-making and instructions implemented.

[1].The competent department is the Work Supervising and Hastening Office. In particular situation, work can be supervised and hastened by the integrated management departments ,which are designated by the collge head leaders.

[2].The scope of work

1. The items, which need to be carried out by the instructions of the main leadership, in the documents, letters and mails issued by the higher Party organizations, the higher authority department and the operating department.

2. The items need to be carried out by the decision of the party committee and the deanery meeting.

3. The items need to be carried out by supervising and hastening, which instructed by the college leaders, in the various reports by each department and unit.

4. Other items need to be carried out by supervising and hastening, which assigned by the college leaders.

[3]The responsibilities and procudure of the work

1.Fill in excels and cards related to the documents with carefulness

2.See to it that the work of the items registering, submitting, and materials distributing is done.

3.The work advised to be supervised and hastened should be attended to by the relative department with the permission of the college leaders.

4.Responsible of the inspection of the work supervising and hastening. Report to the college supervisors or to the main leaders if problems are timely found, and put forward the inprovement suggestions.

5.Report to the college supervisor or to the main leaders as soon as the work is done.

6.To sort and archive the items after implementation. Regular summary of the work supervising and hastening conditions are needed.

[4].Points for attention

1.The order of the items should be issued by prioritizing and making reasonable arrangement according to the leadership instruction and the requirement of the content.

2.Keep a record of all the items register, and someone must take responsibility and timely inspection, avoided missing items.

3.In addition to urgent matters, general items should be carried out with the time limit. If you have any difficulties, report in time. The deadline should be adjusted after the leadship permition.

4.If the matter at issue involves two or more administrative organs, they should appoint a leading department to coordinate the implementation according to the signature of the college leadership.

5.Timely grasp the condition of the work implementation, give praise, recognition or rewards to the departments which are quick, decisively acting, and timely implementing; Stronly urge should goes to those departments which are delaying, putting off and ineffectively implementing, report to the college leadership if necessary.

[5].The audit and the submission of the overall results

1.After the work implemented, relative departments should submit the overall results as required. The results should include the title, the time, the handling units or person and the brief handling processing. Emphasis should be put on the results and the implementing condition.

2. The competent department must carefully audit the overall results. See if the problem be solved, if the work conforms with the regulations, if there is any after effects or leftover problems. Make sure that the results are comprehensively analyzed, objective and fair, and are meet with the reality.

3.The competent department should timely submit the results to the leaders and departments which gave the instructions before.

[6]. The relevant materials should be put into archives for safekeeping.


Audit Section

(1) learning, dissemination and implementation of the national audit regulations, establish internal audit regulations, participation in college with the engagement of the relevant meetings.

(2) participate in developing college related key financial regulations and college major financial revenue and expenditure plan; on the implementation and effectiveness of the financial revenue and expenditure plan supervision through auditing.

(3) the College materials procurement, project bidding and supervision through auditing of State-owned assets management and usage.

(4) support and assist the departments and for the performance of national financial regulations, exposing major cases of violations of financial discipline, the leaders commended the compliance and maintenance of financial discipline recommendations of the units and individuals that have made outstanding achievements.

(5) examine the audited accounts for the accounting unit is in violation of regulations, on college-related business revenue distribution and individual Commission assigned legal and proper supervision through auditing.

(6) responsible for the superior audit institution and other Institute leader appointed audit-related matters.


Teaching Organizations



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Department of Public Basic Courses


(1) To conscientiously implement the party's education policy, to strictly implement the relevant laws and regulations of national higher education, to strengthen teaching management, to improve the teaching  quality .

(2) To be responsible for management of the basic course teaching of the college. To strengthen the work on the curriculum construction of and curriculum reform of basic courses

(3) To be responsible for the formulation and organize the implementation of teaching staff construction planning of the department, to pay attention to training and selecting the academic leaders.

(4) To be responsible for the scientific research work of the department, to organize scientific research project and achievement evaluation with Office of Teaching Affairs and Scientific Research Department

(5) According to the  amount of preparation and all levels of duty ratio approved by the college, to determine the staff positions,  to formulate the department personnel's employment opinion,  to be responsible for the appointment of teachers and  the employment and management of part-time teachers' work.

(6) To be responsible for the business and the administrative work of our staff , cooperating with organization personnel department , to manage positions, grading, title evaluation, evaluation and promotion for the Department staff.

(7) To be responsible for the laboratory use and management .

(8) Cooperating actively with the relevant departments, to organize the second classroom activities in the school.

(9)  In the teaching of "Two Courses" ,  to actively carry out Deng Xiaoping’s Theory and  important thought of "Three Represents"

(10) To be responsible for the organization of the games, all kinds of sports and mass sports activities in our college.

(11) To complete other work assigned by the college.



Skills TrainingCenter


(1) To guide students’s  practice ,   to arrange and guide the students to the base for productive labor, teaching practice, production practice and graduation thesis design;

(2) To arrange the teachers and students to the base for scientific research and production model, and provide the high-quality service;

(3) To organize the production and business of the base, to develop characteristic agriculture and high efficiency agriculture, in terms of science and technology development, breeding and promoting good varieties, breeding stock (poultry), seedlings and high and new agricultural technology;

(4) To be responsible for planning and construction and land use management of the base.

(5) To strengthen the staff's ideological and political education and culture technology education. Building a good idea, style decent worker team with the level of above secondary agricultural technical school.

(6) Under financial supervision of the college, to be responsible for financial management in practice training bases, unified management, two accounting.. To strictly enforce financial management approach of the college, with the Planning and Finance Department and Audit Office, to establish  the accounting systems and procedures which is suitable for the practice base.

(7) To be responsible for managing the land, houses and other means of production and property of the training base , which are  protected by law,  and no unit or individual may steal or destroy them.

(8) To accomplish other tasks assigned by the leadership.


Department of Continuing Education


The Further-Education Department, a functional section that focuses on centralized management of adult education, is mainly in charge of correspondence teaching, open education conducted in TV universities, distance education, professional-certificate and occupation-credential classes, etc, whose obligations are as follows:

1.To conscientiously implement the CCP’s educational policy and execute to the letter the laws and regulations concerning adult education;

2.To take charge of the draft business of vocational education and enrollment plans for degree & non-degree college students;

3.To direct the draft affairs of school regulations for adult education;

4.To handle procedures of the certificates for the students receiving adult education and attending training classes;

5.To organize promotional activities for recruit and enrollment; to undertake the task of students’ registration, file management and teaching administration;

6.To formulate and carry out teaching plans and syllabus; to employ instructors and check up the teaching quality and involve the supervision task;

7.To partake in the subscription of teaching materials and reference books; organize the task of compiling, judgment, printing and supply of some relevant tutoring materials;

8.To launch promotional activities for recruit and enrollment aimed at the students involved in self-taught exams; to give assistance to the Teaching Affairs Office and Research Office in the process of daily teaching and instruction;

9.To contribute to the draft affairs of agreement related to joint running of adult education on behalf of the college;

10.Other assignments allotted by the college to accomplish.



Mass organizations




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Trade Union


The Union of Chinese education and other organizations is an important part in the Chinese education career. Therefore,  in the performance of  every  main social function of Chinese trade union constitution

we must strive to combine its actual and education characteristics , fully play the special role in the education reform and developments , particularly in the education reform and development into critical period, throughout the country in an effort to achieve the strategy " Nation becomes thriving by technology and education." In the quality education situation, the unions of education in different clsses has burdened an important mission and responsibility .At this stage, the main task of education unions at all levels are:

1 , Conscientiously study and implement the important thought "Three Represents ", in the implementation vigorously promote the education guideline that rely on the working class whole-heartedly ,  Persist

and improve Staff Representative Congress System, promote the Congress System become legalization, institutionalization and standardization.adhere to the Representative Congress as the carrier, and vigorously promote school administration in public , promote the  the improvement and development of the Representative Assembly, and implement the staff as masters  in the school , and promote the construction of socialist democratic politics in school.

2 , To mobilize and organize the  faculty to actively take part in the education reform , particularly implementation of quality education , according to the development of the situation , carry out the " Three education" activities, and constantly enrich its content , develop its form, further guide the majority of faculty correct their educational thoughts, changing their concepts of education , improve their own quality , we must vigorously strengthen the ideological and political work tp the faculty , vigorously carry out various forms of professional ethics education , and constantly enhance the sense of mission and responsibility , and earnestly implement the Party 's education policy to the majority of the faculty in the great practice of teaching.

3 , To further highlight the maintenance functions , safeguard the general interests and specific interests of the majority of the faculty,  dare to and good at struggle against the variety of phenomenons against legitimate rights and interests of the thfaculty.

to further strengthen the source of participation , and actively reflect the majority of faculty reasonable voices, on behalf of the majority of faculty involve in the management of education . We should vigorously carry out a variety of cultural and recreational activities to promote the faculty's physical and mental health . We should strive to do practical things , good things , do everything in our power to remove any troubles from the faculty.

4 ,To strengthen self-construction of education union . To further Armed the majority of  cadres’  minds of the  education union

with Marxism-Leninism , Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and thought , "Three Represents" important thought, to further enhance the service for the majority of faculty, strenthen the mission and responsibility  for the education reform and development services , to further improve the education union organization, and resolutely resist any damage violations to the education union, while active help the other unions that the private schools run by schools and other social forces , in-depth investigations and studies , especially to the new situations arised in the reform , new theory new research , active offer constructive comments and suggestions to the relative departments.


Youth League Committee


Under the leadership of the communist youth league is the party mass organization of advanced youth, is the youth in practice learning communist school, is the party's assistant and reserve force. Institute youth corps committee in the school and the superior party committee under the leadership of the communist youth league to carry out their work. Its responsibilities are:

(1) according to the requirements of the party committee and the superior youth corps committee work plans and, according to the characteristics of the youth league and college's reality, to develop the school group's priorities, the youth league committee, secretary of the league and the youth league branch secretary of the meeting, delivering superior documents spirit, decorate, discuss and monitor the performance of the basic cyl, timely report to the school party committee and the superior league organization work.

(2) according to the thought, behavior, development regularity and characteristics of young people, take many forms, for the vast number of member youth to the party's basic line, patriotism, collectivism education. At the same time in stages, hierarchical, planned and focused organization member youth study marxism-leninism and MAO zedong thought, deng xiaoping theory and \"three represents\" important thought.

(3) pay special attention to the group's organization system construction, do a good job in the new member development and the overage member from the group work, responsible for TuanGan investigation, training, perfect each rules and regulations.

(4) in combination with the center of the school party and government work, actively create \"May 4th\" red flag youth corps committee activities; Well within the group, \"a superior of the two\" first selection activities, to enhance the overall level of job of the regiment.

(5) concerned about the benefit of the youth league, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. In a timely manner to reflect the students' opinions and Suggestions, maintain the stability of the college.

(6) leadership and guiding college league each work, to evaluate the general member constitution discipline education, to take good care of youth ideological and political work, responsible for members of disciplinary education and punishment, the grass-roots level, investigation and study, in a timely manner to understand and master the thought of the youth league dynamics, completes the party's assistant.

(7) to carry out college students' science and technology innovation activities actively, cultivate students' innovation consciousness, innovation and entrepreneurship.

(8) organize activities of college students' social practice actively, make the students understand the society, understand the national conditions, understand the reform, activities in middle school knowledge, long talent, from education and make a contribution.

(9) play a role of carrier of campus culture activities, and actively carry out healthy campus cultural activities, to create conditions for the improvement of cultural quality of the students.

(10) to guide and help the student union, student associations, broadcasting room to work independently.

(11) is responsible for the partial member of file management, member organization relationship transfer formalities, membership fee collection, management and use.

(12) to assist the party to do good to the cultivation of the youth league, education is recommended.

(13) to complete the school leaders and all the work assigned by the superior youth corps committee.


Assistant Teaching Institutions



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1.Renew the concepts,clarify the positioning,the objectives and tasks of college library work in the new period.

2.Strenghten the education function and information function of college library,and the service of the library for readers to improve the service quality and level.

3.Strenghten the management and futher improve the conventional service,which is the eternal theme with the warm reception for the readers.And patiently and carefully answer from various advisory questions of the readers.

4.Take the initiative to exchange and communication with the readers and promptly understand the needs of the readers from books on library information and the views of the work that improve the work in time to provide the readers with good service.

5.Take the initiative service ,improve the grade and give full play to the function of library information service.And actively deep into the relevant department of the ministry and reseach group,rather than the person in charge exchange and communication,and understand their needs and do everthing to attempt to provide service.

6.Strenghten the management of the books,newspapers,periodicals in a timely manner shelves and make its order at any time,eliminate lost books,torn pages and other phenomenon to improve the books,newspapers circulation rate and the intact rate.

7.Strengthen the library environment construction,create a clean,civilized premises environment.

8.Earnestly prevent fire,guard against theft,moisture-proof,dust-proof,pest control and other safety management work,adhere to the “Who is supervisor? Who is responsible?” to ensure the security of the library.

Carefull do a good job of graduates leave shool formalities to deal with.

Strict accordance with the requirements of “ordinary college library work rules” to ensure that the opening hours per week and conscientiously do a good job in circulation stacks night open work.

Accomplish other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Occupational Skill Appraisal

Consicientiously implement the regulations on labor departments and implementation measures to ensure the quality of identification.Adhere to an objective and impartial,scientific and standardized principles,seriousness and authority of the national occupation qualification certificate.


Prepare the institute of occupation skill appraisal of planning and annual work planning ,and oraganize the implementation.


According to the nationsl construction conditions and be responsible for the proposed construction of concepts and inspection work.


Collar,storage and ues of work is responsible for the occupation skill appraisal questions.The part of the concessionaire types of questions work is made well proposition in the scope of authority.


Be responsible for evaluation staff,quality supervisor’s recommendation,hiring professional evaluation group of the composition and the management work.


Be responsible for organizing the implementation of the college and the local occupation skill test,do national occupation qualification certificate issued by the management.


Coordinate with the relevant departments do a good job occupation skill appraisal personnel education and training ,and appraisal of dispatched work.


Coordinate with the relevant departments of occupation skill contest and occupation technical experts selection activities.

Be responsible for the data management and statistical analysis to the occupation skill appraisal report.

Be responsible for the Coordination between occupation skill appraisal agence and departments working relationship.

Accomplish the related matters of province,state identification center and institute.


Network InformationCenter



The comprehensive archives




Motorcade’s Responsibilities

1、Obey traffic safety laws and regulations.

2、Provide efficient and high quality service.

3、Keep the vehicle technology in good condition

4、Establish and improve the vehicle files, reasonable dispatch vehicles

5、Establish and perfect rules and regulations, clearly define job responsibilities

6、Complete other work assigned by the leadership

the Captain's Responsibilities

1、Be responsible for all work of the motorcade.

2、Reasonable dispatch vehicles according to the notice, and

urge the drivers to work on time.

3、Arrange, check and accept motor vehicle insurance and  maintenance, make a good record of specific.

4、Convey the spirit of the superior, feedback the drivers’ opinions and reasonable requirements on time.

5、Set an example, let right be done, be strict and fair in meting out rewards and punishments.

6、Be responsible for checking the staff of the motorcade.

7、Complete other work assigned by the leadership.

Vice Captain’s Responsibilities

1、Assist the captain to complete each work.

2、Be responsible for safety study and security management.

3、Be responsible for dealing with road traffic accidents.

4、Be responsible for vehicle annual inspection and handling licenses

5、Prosecute the captain’s responsibilities when he is off.

Driver’s Responsibilities

1、Strictly observe the discipline in labor, obey working arrangement, provide warm and thoughtful service.

2、Strictly obey traffic laws and Vehicle management regulations of the polytechnic, ensure the running safety of the vehicle.

3、Study assiduously business, improve the skills of driving and maintenance.


Logistics group

(1)To draw up the relevant systems of logistics service and management and implement them..)

(2)To be  responsible for plan approval for water, electricity, warm and communication facilities of the college ; fee collection, repair and management.

(3) To be  responsible for the management of real estate and the configuration, custody of furniture, logistics large equipment,

(4) To be responsible for daily management of the dormitory, classrooms and offices.

(5) To be responsible for the daily management and supervision. of catering, shopping,

(6) To be responsible for the administrative management of medical health care center.

(7)  To be responsible for the daily work of environmental health.

(8) To make plans for the small infrastructure repair, renovation and organize their implementation.

(9) To complete other tasks assigned by the leadership of the college.


The doctor



Scientific bureau



The journal editorial office

1. Under the leadership and supervision of the editorial board, the chief editor assumes overall responsibility for the work of the college journal.

2. The editorial department, in charge of affairs, say, editing, publication and communication, etc, is a functional branch of the board.

3. The department aims at mastering the present situation, growing trend, and research schemes of all subjects, as well as working out every publication plan;

4 .The department works on contribution-source development, journal edition, and article-selection business whose intention is to publish the thesis characterized by exploratory, guidance and creativity, and reflecting scientific payoffs in our college.

5. The department hammers at handling the working procedures such as contribution receipt, register, delivering and submitting, etc;

6 .The department takes charge of the establishment and perfection of all relevant regulations ;

7. The department involves the work of contacting board members, authors, readers and printing units, collecting complaints and suggestions, summarizing lessons and regularly reporting feedbacks included as well;

8. The department is responsible for funds management, say, footing the bill of publication, printing and manuscript checking including contribution fee;

9. The department is obliged to observe the regulation of science-tech confidentiality, taking strict precautions against divulging secrets or losing manuscripts;

10. The department actively participates in the events of promotional activities conducted by the college;

11. The department shall accomplish other assignments allotted by the college.



Guizhou minorities culture research center

Led by the dean of the college, presided the overall work of ethnic minority culture research center.

1To create a good ethnical research atmosphere, enhance awareness of national culture learning, improve the level of ethnical research, in order to strengthen the characteristics of school for the purpose, conscientiously implement the party's national education policy, conscientiously carrying out the school party committee, the administrative decisions, study and research the higher vocational education characteristics and development trends, continuously improve the level of the management of national education research in colleges, diligently service for the development of college, the scientific work of scientific researcher and students, promoting the development of college scientific research constantly.

2Presided over the development plants of the research center and organize their implementation.

3Presided over the collection of ethnic minority technical culture research material and the management of the equivalent research achievement. Organize the related subject applying; take charge for the college minority and technology culture research project, budget allocation, use and acceptance of work.

4Presided over the ethnic technical display-room construction, keep the collections in safekeepingextend the influence of the technology of ethnic culture education.

5Keep the connection of each work in ethnic research center, to coordinate, as people do clear job responsibilities, work orderly, accurate and efficient operation. And constantly learning new knowledge, and strive to improve service quality, improve work method to enhance the service consciousness, job duties, the work of ethnic culture research the scientific and standardization of management.

6Actively connect with the provincial national institute, the bureau of education, culture and technology, get effective guidance and help, timely access to such aspects as research, management and project information, set the platform for our research.

7To enhance the connecting of each department, coordinate various relations, unite as one, and take all the work to be done.

8To have all the work of ethnic research center done, being a good staff of leadership, complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.